The recipes below are all made using the artisan produce we stock here on The Cooking Plumber. We've made the instructions as easy as possible to follow and have also tried to make sure that the ingredients you need are easy to find and won't cost a fortune.
We hope you enjoy making and eating the dishes as much as we have. Don't forget to share your photos and let us know how you've got on and keep checking back in as we'll be posting new recipes on a regular basis. 
Recipe for Balsamic Caramelised Onions.

Recipe for Balsamic Caramelised Onions

If you love great onions on your burger or with your hot dog, you must give these a go. They even freeze so you can make these in advance for those hot summer BBQs or you can turn up the heating & pretend.

Baked spud & Tuna chunks in a jalfrezi spiced mayonnaise sauce

Baked spud & Tuna chunks in a jalfrezi spiced mayonnaise sauce

Recipes don't get much easier to make than this & the results transform a bland tuna spud into a new dimension. Well make it tasty at least.

Herby pork balls in a spiced tomato sauce on a plate ready to eat

Herby Pork Balls in a Spiced tomato sauce

Excellent for dinner parties or that special family meal in. You can make it in advance so there is no last minute panic when your quests arrive. Just pop it in the oven 40 minutes before you need to serve it.


Black Chicken Curry on a plate 

Black Chicken Curry

The unforgettable taste comes from the special blend of Kalu Kudu which makes all the difference to this exciting dish.

 Black Garlic butter

Black Garlic Butter

If you haven't tried it then you are missing out on something special. This butter is not only scrummy on toast but amazing on baby carrots. Don't stop there. The list of uses goes on & on.


 Butternut Squash & Harissa Chilli Hummus 

Butternut Squash & Harissa Chilli Hummus

Beautifully soft and packed with flavour. Backed up with just a touch of chilli.


Cashew & black pepper curry on a plate  

Cashew Nut and Black Pepper Curry 

This great nut and spice combination will definitely satisfy your taste buds. Rich & creamy with just the right amount of heat to keep you wanting more.

Chargrilled chicken & chorizo classic 

Chargrilled Chicken and Chorizo Club Classic

This is a great lunch time treat that's full of different flavours or a tea time light bite if you want something light.


Chorizo & black garlic risotto  

Chorizo & Black Garlic Risotto

A great dish to impress if you are entertaining or you want that special meal for two. Either way it will wake up your taste buds & inspire you to cook it again & again.


Crispy Chilly Breadcrumb Pasta

This a great mid week treat. A bit of heat and a lot of flavour. Add the black garlic and away you go.


Black garlic mushrooms on toast

Black Garlic Mushrooms on Toast

If you like fried mushrooms, you should try these. Black garlic is a taste experience on its own. Add mushrooms in to the equation and you're on another level again. It is quick and easy to make. The only bad bit is the washing up at the end.


Lemon, chilli & coriander hummus

 Lemon, chilli & coriander hummus

If you are looking for a hummus that you will not find in a supermarket, look no further. This beauty has great flavour & is so simple to make. All the great flavour of Lemon, chilli & coriander rolled into one.


Dan Dan chilli sauce recipe 

 Dan Dan Chilli Sauce Stir Fry 

Who doesn't like a stir-fry? Especially when it is made with Mei's Dan Dan chilli sauce. This is one jar packed with flavours that are just made for each other.

  furious Quorn

Furious Quorn Stir Fry

To much meat on your menu? Then why not try this stir-fry dish that's fun to make & is full of flavour too.

Pomegranate Squash 

Pomegranate squash 

You will never get too hot under the collar if you have this tucked away in your fridge. It's a shame I can't create a recipe to help you with the lack of sunshine.

plate of pork chops with roast onion balsamic   

Pork chops with roast onion balsamic sauce 

If you want a great sauce to go with your meat that is easy to make and even easier to eat, look no further. A truly great sauce to match any pork chop or steak dinner in no time.

Chilli Tempeh with Kale recipe.  

Chilli Tempeh & Kale

 Looking for a vegetarian dish that doesn't hold back on heat and is backed up with flavour, then this is the dish for you.


Mismatched Spicy Cottage Pie  

Mismatched Spicy Cottage Pie

This dish is not a quick fix but it's packed with different flavours. There's lots going on in the making but I promise you it is worth the effort. A true infusion of  culinary culture. 

Chorizo macaroni in a black garlic sauce 

Chorizo & Mushroom Macaroni in a black garlic butter sauce

Try this amazingly easy tasty dish that cooks in no time. The Black Garlic makes all the different.