Baked spud & Tuna chunks in a jalfrezi spiced mayonnaise sauce

Gentle Jalfrezi spiced baked spud recipe by The Cooking Plumber.

This quick & easy to make recipe is great in sandwiches, with salads and even better on baked potatoes.


One portion per 1 large baked potato

20g tomato puree   /   2-3 tsp Case For Cooking Jalfrezi spice mix

60g Mayonnaise (good quality)   /   10g Raisins (optional)

145g (tin) Tuna chunks in water drained.


In a cereal sized bowl, add the tomato puree, jalfrezi spice, mayonnaise and raisins (if using). Mix well, then stir in the tuna chunks. Best to make this at least 10 minutes before eating to allow the flavours to blend.

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