My 2021 resolutions in food


So, we’ve all made new goals for 2021, right? Learn something new, lose weight, get fit or just finish off decorating that room that you started some time back. All sounds good until we throw ourselves into the deep end by buying that expensive exercise bike or stripping that first piece of wallpaper. Thankfully, there’s eBay and the professional tradesman you can fall back on if you need a plan B.

I always set a few goals for myself. Especially cooking goals. Cooking outside my comfort zone is good for me. Dishes that you like eating but hate cooking. Asian food I’m in my element. Puff pastry I am not. I’m convinced that it’s best bought from the shop. We have all tasted great pastry from local bakers & restaurants. Well, it’s time I had a go. Watch this space. This year I will be sharing a few pie/pasty recipes with an Asian influence. A mix of both worlds we can all enjoy. Winter warmers for the whole family.

My next food goal is to cook tasty plant-based food. I know it’s out there. I spent some time in a Buddhist retreat some years back. We only had plant-based food to eat. I soon found out that I could survive and survive well. This food was tasty. Very tasty. I didn’t embrace Buddhism but my mind was now open to eating food without meat. I am a meat eater but I do believe we all eat far too much meat. This year I hope to have a few more tasty meat free recipes coming your way. I personally have set a goal of eating half the amount of meat I would normally & when I do it, it will be locally sourced from a local butcher or producer.

My final goal is to make some pickles, chutneys & preserves. You can’t beat a good selection of cheeses & some pickles, preserves, chilli jam & chutneys for a great snack, can you? I have been really inspired by the great artisan producers around and if I can get half as good, I will be happy. Possibly a few stone heavier along the way but that’s a goal I’m willing to risk!

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