5 reasons to fall in love with black garlic

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I honestly cannot remember how I originally came across black garlic but I can safely say that I wish I’d discovered it much sooner. If you’ve already tried it, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, here’s a little more info and five reasons why it's so easy to fall in love with these deliciously sweet black nuggets.

So what exactly is black garlic?

There is no huge secret here. Black garlic is simply white garlic that has been slowly fermented at a low temperature, usually in a rice cooker or a special black garlic maker.

black garlic cloves


Reason 1: Black garlic tastes delicious and it’s good for you too.

Black garlic really can be described as a food of the Gods. I’m yet to meet someone who hasn’t liked it. The soft, dark cloves of black garlic have a sweet balsamic-like flavour with a hint of molasses. They also have twice as many anti-oxidants as the more usual white variety.  

Reason 2: Black garlic is incredibly versatile. 

You can use it to make pate or flavoured oil. You can add it to stir fries, risottos or stews. You can sprinkle it into a salad or on top of a pizza. The possibilities really are endless.

Black Garlic Risotto


I’ve put some of our favourite recipes up on thecookingplumber.co.uk and you’ll find those here.

Reason 3: Black garlic makes the best mushrooms on toast.   

  Black Garlic Mushrooms


Reason 4: No mints or parsley needed 

Unlike with white garlic, there’s no need to worry who you’re sitting next to after a meal of black garlic. There’ll be no need for copious amounts of parsley or a pack of mint Polos. Black Garlic just doesn’t have the strong odour and slightly unpleasant side effects that normal garlic does so go ahead. Eat as much as you like. No-one will be any the wiser!

Reason 5: You don't even need to cook it. 

Short of time or just don’t fancy cooking? Not a problem. Black garlic tastes so good you can just eat the cloves straight out of the pot.

So where can I buy black garlic?

Black garlic is sold as whole bulbs, as peeled cloves and in paste and powdered form. Personally I think peeled cloves are the way to go so go on, why not challenge yourself? Get a pot and see if you can resist eating the cloves before they even make it into any dish you're cooking. The trouble is. These cloves really are too good to share so you might find yourself needing to get a second pot 😊


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