Five reasons why we think you'll love The Cooking Plumber

The idea for the Cooking Plumber has been bubbling away on our kitchen stove for some time. We’ve been backwards and forwards with the name and have finally decided to ignore anyone who think plumbers always have dirty hands. The Cooking Plumber in fact has ridiculously clean hands, is a real person who loves good food and home cooking, loves trying out new stuff, loves supporting small businesses and believes passionately in the importance of knowing what’s in your food. 

We’re delighted that the site has finally gone live. We obviously think it’s a great idea but realise we might be slightly biased so here are five real reasons why you might too!

1. Good food that has genuinely been made by hand by small, independent producers

You really won’t find The Cooking Plumber’s products in the supermarket or on the shelves of your local pound shop. They are all genuinely artisan and made in small batches by food producers from across the UK, using the best ingredients that they can source. You can learn all about our producers by clicking the Find Out More link on each product page.

2. Good food that’s been tried and tested

We’ve done all the searching and testing for you. We’ve met all our suppliers in person and cooked with the products that we sell on the site so hand on heart, we know it’s all good stuff. Let’s face it, if the post office disappeared tomorrow, we’d be stuck with a lot of bottles and jars so we need to be sure that we’d happily eat them all!

3. Good food that you can cook with  

One of The Cooking Plumber’s personal bug bears is food that comes with no instructions. And we mean absolutely no instructions. As a home cook, there is nothing more frustrating that picking something new and exciting off a shelf - only to find absolutely no suggestions as to how to cook with it or what to pair it with. So, we’ve made sure that we’ve included recipes and cooking ideas for each product wherever possible so this really is food you can cook with.   

4. Good food at reasonable prices

We haven’t added huge mark ups to any of the artisan food we sell.  We know how frustrating it is to see the products you have so lovingly made be priced beyond realistic expectations so the product prices you see on will usually be the prices you would find on the producer’s own website.

5. Good food from multiple producers but just the one postage cost

We keep everything here in stock so unlike some other sites, you can order goods from as many producers as you like and they will all be sent out to you in one package – with just one charge for postage.

So that’s The Cooking Plumber in a five-point nutshell. Take a look through our products and see if we can inspire you to get those pots and pans out and start cooking – and if you do, don’t forget to share your pictures of what you cook!


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