A plate of Urfa chilli flakes from Fox's Spices
A 125g bag of Urfa chilli flakes from Fox's Spices
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Urfa Chilli Flakes

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Fox's Spices: Urfa Chilli Flakes (Turkish) Also known as Urfa Biber or isot biber.

Sold in: 125g bags

Ingredients: Urfa (Isot) Chillies, Salt & Sunflower Oil

Taste Notes:  Smoky with a slight tobacco taste but sweet and fruity too.

Grown in the Urfa region of Turkey, this beautiful dark vibrant red chilli is sun-dried & sweetened. The chillies are then chopped into flakes. At the end of the process they are slightly oily & very dark burgundy. 

 They taste great sprinkled on eggs, salads, kebabs, flatbreads, fish and meat.

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