Who are Fox's Spices?

Fox's Spices is a family owned and run business set up in 1967 offering a knowledgeable and personal service to all. Our philosophy remains constant, in providing the best quality products, both usual and a little more unusual, in economy 'no frills' packaging, direct to the consumer. Great efforts are made in assuring product freshness through frequently purchasing raw materials, constantly processing and blending them at our Stratford-upon-Avon base, rather than stockpiling several years worth of product, thus resulting in a regular turnover of freshly packed products. All of our products are Genetically Modified Organism free. We only purchase ingredients that are guaranteed to be of this nature. We hope you enjoy our products, and if you require something a little out of the ordinary please let us know as we are always exploring new blends and mixes!

We currently don't have a website. If you're looking to find something on this website, please let The Cooking Plumber know.