Fox's Spices Apple & mint mustards mixture sold in 226g bags.
Apple and Mint Mustard Mixture
Fox's Spices

Apple and Mint Mustard Mixture

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Fox's Spices Apple and Mint Mustard Mixture

Fox's easy-to-use mustard mixtures are a great way of mixing up just the right amount of mustard whenever you need some. Add the mixture to a dish with a pinch of salt. Cover with the vinegar of your choice. Leave for 24hrs and enjoy. If you want a smooth texture, blitz with a blender.

Great with hot or cold meats. One tsp mixed with 700g of mashed potato makes a perfect match for any sausages.

Sold in: 226g bags

Ingredients: Brown and yellow mustard seed, sugar, apple flakes, mint, spices. 

Allergens marked in bold

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