Who is Case For Cooking?


Case for Cooking is the business that I (The Cooking Plumber) set up with my wife at the end of 2018. We both come from totally different professional backgrounds but we’re always trying out something new in the kitchen or growing something new to eat. We both love cooking and eating good home cooked food and firmly believe that home cooking doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult and we’re on a mission to prove that spices don’t only make extremely hot curries!

We make all our products ourselves, in small batches, and to our own recipes. Our easy-to-use spice kits, curry spice pots, spice rubs and cooking sauces are ideal for anyone wanting to cook something different, from busy couples to parents cooking with children and students living away from home.

Our focus is on simplicity and quality. Anyone and everyone can use our products, without needing fancy equipment, years of cooking experience or exotic ingredients. Our recipes only ask for whole ingredients (wherever possible) or standard sizes to minimise waste and we really do use only the finest-quality herbs and spices.

To find out more, visit www.caseforcooking.co.uk