jar of cayenne fresh chilli sauce by Goch & co
Cayenne Fresh Chilli Sauce
Goch & Company

Cayenne Fresh Chilli Sauce

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A pleasingly sweet tasting sauce with perfectly balanced heat & flavour. It is a delicious exotic compliment to any hot or cold cuisine. A perfect blend of spice and taste!

Try on homemade fajitas & burritos; as a marinade on chicken or fish and much more.

Sold in: 40g Jars

These small jars are a cost effective way for you to try out different chilli pastes. Easy to cook with and a pleasure to enjoy the taste of different chillies.

Ingredients: Chilli peppers, shallots, olive oil, white vinegar, herbs and spices, salt.

Dietary Information: Gluten free; No Dairy; No Nuts; No added Sugars; No artificial additives; Vegetarian; Vegan; Kosher

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