Goch & Company Birds Eye Twist Chilli sauce in a 40g jar.
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Birds Eye Twist Chilli Sauce

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My favourite by far. This blend of fresh fruity tastes, zesty aroma and spiciness. It makes a versatile, good all-round medium to hot chilli sauce – the ONE you will not want to be without in the cupboard!

Perfect for Thai dishes, curries and salads, a scrumptious table sauce and dip that is fantastic with savoury snacks. For a marinade or glaze, add 1 teaspoon of sauce mixed with 2 tablespoons of oil.

Sold in: 40g Jars

These small jars are a cost effective way for you to try out different chilli pastes. Easy to cook with and a pleasure to enjoy the taste of different chillies.

Ingredients: Chilli Peppers, Olive Oil, White Vinegar, Herbs & Spices, Pepper, Salt

Dietary Information: Gluten free; No Dairy; No Nuts; No added Sugars; No artificial additives; Vegetarian; Vegan; Kosher

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