Who are Ceylon 35?

Tyroshan & Ayesha from Ceylon 35

It all started in March 2019 when Tyroshan travelled to Sri Lanka to see family & friends – where he fell in love twice. With Ayesha who later became his wife and (although not for the first time!) with Sri Lanka, its rich culture and its delicious food.

Desperate to recreate those mouth watering dishes back in Dundee, he soon realised that the flavours he was missing were from the quality spices & spice blends available in Sri Lanka.

So Ayesha and Tyroshan came up with the idea of starting a small online shop, to make these spices available here in the UK and lockdown has given them the opportunity to get this all up and running.  

The name Ceylon 35 has a bit of a story too. Ceylon was the name given to Sri Lanka by the Portuguese in 1505. 3 and 5 (“Thuna Paha” in Sinhala) is a spice mix found in most Sri Lankan kitchens so this seemed the perfect blend for their company name.

Ceylon 35 are very concerned about the quality of the spices they use. They spent weeks doing their research and now source everything from small farmers across Sri Lanka.